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Ryder Martin Buckelew has arrived!


Ryder is 2 weeks old today! He is such a good baby. He calms himself and he is sleeping in his own crib. I never knew how many diapers I would be changing and how much laundry one little baby can produce! It seems like every other day I have a full bag of clothes to wash for him.

I don't have many clothes since we didn't know what we were having and now the race is on to get things. I have been shopping online at night from my phone. Zulily was my first shopping experinece and I got hooked! 4 orders later I think that I have some good basic stuff coming for him. The good stuff goes so fast so I have to check it at 8am right when they open the new sales of the day. It is such a fun idea for a website. Then, Milton and I shopped on Baby Gap. We did pretty good there too :) NOW I figured out that I should never buy new from Gap and that I should just buy on eBay. I can find the same clothes for 1/3 the price. Live and learn.

I have to say that it is hard finding good non-gaudy clothes for a little boy. There are a ton of cute dresses for girls, but most of  the boy stuff is somewhat tacky. Why is that?! I am sticking to solid colors and stripes.

Ryder smiles all the time. I don't think that he knows that he is smiling, but whatever it is, it is so cute. I can't stop taking pictures of him. His sleeping schedule keeps changing. Usually he gets in a 4 hours stretch at some point in the night though, so I can't complain. Only one night so far that he was up every hour and forty-five minutes, wanting to feed. I think that must have been a growth spurt.

It is so fun being a mother. Milton is doing a great job as a father as well. I love to watch them together. My two guys, I am a lucky woman.


Our birth story -
Baby's Name: Ryder Martin Buckelew
Date of Birth: 08/25/2011
Original Due Date (EDD): 08/23/2011
Weeks Pregnant: 40 weeks 2 days
Weight: 7lb 15.4oz
Height: 20.5 in

I went in for induction at 7am on 8/25. I was not dilated but 85% effaced and baby was really low. Started pitocin and was fine until about noon. I started having pretty strong contractions. I was planning on natural, so I had everything I needed on hand. I used the birthing ball, shower, massage, hot and cold pads, walking, moaning, and so on. My water broke at 3:30 and the contractions got stronger. I was checked and I was at a 2. I was throwing up during the contractions, luckily I had only had broth :) Around 6 they gave me some meds for nausea because I was gagging so much. I got checked and only progressed to a 4. The pain was very intense. The nurse was amazed I was only 4. She thought I would have been having the baby soon. I tried to hang on but I got freaked out that I was only at a 4 and the contractions had me so bad. I couldn't open my eyes and was just waiting until the pain came again. I asked for pain medicine and got something in my IV. It did nothing. I decided to ask for an epi. I fell in love with the guy who gave it to me. He was an angel! It took perfectly and baby was fine. I was checked 2 hours later and fully complete.

My Dr. got there and after about 45 minutes at 10:16 PM we got to meet our baby. We were team green, so Milton got to tell me we had a Ryder Martin. The room was packed with family. My mom, 2 sisters, dad and step mom, and mother in law all in the room. It was so calm and nice. I am so glad they all got to be apart of it. The Dr was off about a pound in weight, he thought Ryder was a smaller baby. When he was head out the Dr heard a pop and thought that his shoulder had, or was going to, break, so he pushed down to get his other shoulder out. I got a 3rd degree tear from that and Ryder's wide shoulders. "Football player shoulders" is what Doc said :) His bone did not break!

Ryder has a head full of dark hair and deep blue eyes right now. He has the deepest dimples as well! Milton has one tiny dimple and I have none so that was a surprise! So cute!

We got home yesterday evening and we are doing great so far. He is doing okay with breastfeeding so far. I think it will just get better.

We are so in love with our son!

Minutes after birth -


8/22/11 -

Baby is due tomorrow! I don't know if it is going to happen, but I know that it is close. I just had a little emotional moment happen. I am just so excited to meet this baby and have our little family complete. I can't wait to find out if baby is a boy or girl. It makes me tear up when I think how close it is. I can't wait to hold baby and give kisses. I am so in love already.

Dr. Campbell doesn't like to go past 41 weeks so if I haven't go into labor naturally by Wednesday, we will set a date for induction.

I feel great about the baby being fully developed! Brain cells have been growing the past few weeks. Maybe we will have a genius, haha.

Milton has been the best this entire pregnancy. I love him so much and I am so happy he is going to get to be a daddy! I feel like we have gotten even stronger. The future is looking great.

Come on out baby, we are ready to love you! <3

8/14/11 -

Well, baby is due in 9 days! We are in the single digits!! find myself cleaning and cooking to prepare for the baby. I have made some huge yummy freezable meals, so that Milton and I can just warm it up and have a home cooked dinner. The house is spotless and now my mind is wandering. Nursery is finished and all it needs is baby. Now the waiting game.

Have you ever had to wait for something you can't control? Oh my goodness! It makes me crazy and happy at the same time. Every time I get a contraction, I think, this is it! Well so far it hasn't been it, lol. The full moon didn't help last night. Oh well, Dad is still out of town and my best friend from college is coming to town tomorrow to visit, so I guess it is a good thing baby hasn't come.

have been keeping very busy the past few days but today I am feeling a little stir crazy. What to do to pass the time? I have a book, have my Wii, the computer, TV.... all I feel so lazy! know that I should be enjoying this relaxing time before the baby comes but I just can't seem to veg. I want to make sure I am 100% ready! How can I be ready? We are taking on another human being, sometimes it scares the crap out of me.

don't know if I have posted this yet, but I have decided to to a natural birth. Milton has been very encouraging and the birthing classes we took really helped to put me in the right mindset. My mantra is: This shall pass and I will live! That being said I will not feel like a failure if I can not handle the pain. That is what epidurals are for :) Vanya, our birth class teacher and a friend, said that it is the worst pain you will ever have. I believe her! It seems to me that it will make the experience more real to me if I go natural. I also do not want to end up with a c section, so I do not want to be induced. Now, ask me that once I get past my due date and I may sing another tune.

All and all I am ready and excited. The added surprise of finding out if it is a boy or girl is also so very exciting :)

So come on little baby, we are ready and waiting for you <3

8/4/11 -

Baby is due this month! Holy cow, when I look back it really has gone by pretty fast. I can not believe that it is almost time. I am huge, of course, and getting bigger everyday. We had a Dr appointment last Wed. and since I was cramping he checked my cervix. I was 50% effaced and no dilation. Yesterday I got checked again because I am still cramping and I am more effaced (he did not tell me the %) and the baby is fully engaged. In position for labor! I am still not dilated though. He said it could be 2 days or 2 weeks, you never know. I hope it is at least a week or so. Milton gets back from a business trip tomorrow night late and then Dad booked a fishing trip from the 9th-16th. I hope I can make it past then. If not, Dad will come home to a new grandbaby!

Milton was amazing and built the wall for the nursery. It was all done in 3 days! It looks so great, baby is sure to love it. I ordered a bookcase to put in there and it should be here tomorrow. Once that is set up there isn't much more to do in the nursery, it should be complete!

I have been away from home since Friday because Milton has been traveling a lot the past 2 weeks.  After tomorrow he is done, so I can stop stressing about not giving birth. Mom booked 2 nights at the Hill Country Hyatt for my sisters and I, and we had an amazing time. The spa was the best! Massage and then relaxing by the exclusive pool for a few hours. We floated the lazy river and had room service too! Now we are at Bear Creek and it is very peaceful.

Had our first birthing class last Saturday and the last one is this coming Saturday. I have decided to try for a natural birth. We will see, but I really want my mindset to be on natural. I spoke with the Doc yesterday about it and he completely supports me. I really like Dr Campbell and would recommend him to anyone. He takes his time and really listens to you.

Little baby is kicking away! have no idea now what to guess on the sex. At first I thought girl, then boy for a few months and now I am bouncing back and forth. Whichever it is, it is going to be ACTIVE! I don;t think baby stops :)

I can not wait to see this little face!!

7/18/11 -

We had a Dr. appointment today to check on the little one. Everything looks great! We did an ultra sound, but I could hardly see much this time. Baby has dropped so low that Dr. Campbell couldn't get a good head picture. He thinks the baby is around 5 pounds and will be a 7 pound baby at birth.

We also met with Dr. Andrea Bray. She is a Pedi and she was great! She will take good care of our little baby. It was nice to meet with her and get it ready for when we give birth. She will come and check the baby once it is born and if it is a boy she will do the circumcision.

Today we got the rocker/glider in! Milton and I set it up in the corner next to the crib and it is very comfy. I can't wait to rock and feed baby in it. Next weekend Milton and Hanna Boyd are going to build the wall in the nursery. So it will almost be complete. Once we have the wall and door up I can put all the bedding on. Shadow, our black kitty, likes to lay on soft things so I have had to really watch him and keep him from getting all over everything.

Dr. visits with Dr Campbell are now every week. I am 34 weeks and 6 days right now. Only 36 days until the due date! Holy cow, baby will be here soon!!

7/13/11 - Wow it has been a while since I have written anything. Life has been busy! I turned 30 on July 1st and Milton was a great hubby and had a party for me. We were in Breckenridge until the 27th of June, and I miss it! It was so nice and cool and I actually wanted to go outside. We stayed in town for a little while and then headed up to Chicago for a few days. We stayed with some great friends Kay and Darell Phillips for the first few nights, then headed down town. I have to say my favorite part was going to Rivinia with Kay and Darell. It is an amazing venue and we got to see an amazing band, Pink Martini.

Baby is still in there! I don't see how I am going to get much bigger, but sure enough every day I am a little bigger. Kicks and movements are so much stronger now. We go on Monday to have a 35 week sonogram and we are going to meet with a Pedi, Andrea Bray, after the appointment. I can't wait to see the baby again! It is crazy how soon we will have the little one. 5 weeks and 6 days! If baby comes on time.... It seems to be the trend that first time moms give birth after the due date. I am going to miss looking at my tummy!

Milton has been traveling for weeks now. I think in the past month he has had 3 nights at home. We went from CO for 2 weeks, him here one night then on to ATL, him here for 4 nights (1 at the farm), then we went to Chicago, then he flew from Chi to ATL. He gets back on Friday night and is here until August 1st I think. Then gone for another week! Poor man. I sure love him.

am headed down to Meme's house to turn on the AC for cuz Sunny and family. They are here for 10 days, should be a fun time.

Kisses for my baby.

6/14/11 - We are in beautiful Breckenridge, CO. It is crazy to say but there is a 40 degree difference in temp between here and home! Our plan someday in life is to have a house here and a house at the ranch so we can go back and forth when the weather is foul. That is always fun to dream and look at things :)

Baby feels huge! Every movement I can see and feel and he/she moves all over the place! Today baby is 30 weeks along. Only 10 more weeks until we get to meet little Ryder or Tristan. Holy cow, it doesn't seem like very long. Fathers day is Sunday, and I got Milton a t-shirt that says "i'm the daddy" on the back. I think he will like it.

got some more things put up in the nursery. I only need a few more things for it to be complete, but even right now, baby could come and I think we would be ready...at least in the nursery.

We got a new truck, and drove that up to CO. It was a nice easy road trip, we took 2 days to get here so that we could have plenty of walking around and down time. In the truck we had Milton and I, Lizzy and Goofy (dogs), and Shadow (cat). It was nice and full! The dogs got baths on Sunday morning before we left so we could handle them in the car that long! They were very good, and Shadow was good as well (except at the hotel in between, lots of meowing!) We have the 4-wheeler on the back (yes dad, we will be very safe) to ride around the mountain trails on. Milton has to work during the day so I get to wander the town, take baths, and do whatever I want! Very nice. In fact, I may take a nap! Cheers!


We went to the Dr. last Wednesday for a check up and everything looks great with little baby Buckelew. He/She is 2 and 3/4 pounds and very active! I got my Rhogam shot (for RH - blood) and had to the take the one hour glucose test (every preggo mom has to take it). The drink for that is nasty!!! The Dr. called today and I passed the test, so all is well. Should get some things in the mail today for the nursery, I keep checking the front gate, but nothing so far.

Shelly and Meme are at the ranch and today we went into London, TX and had a burger for lunch. It was pretty good!

I have been working on my new business venture, selling Fresco Fabric pillow cases and table runners on eBay. I took all the pictures, wrote descriptions,  and worked up my inventory sheet. Now I just need to figure out how much it will be to ship. Exciting stuff!

Baby is moving like crazy! I can't wait to see him/her <3


We got our crib yesterday! It is all set up and looking cute in the nursery. I just need a few things to complete it all. Milton is going to build a wall so that we can have a door into the nursery verses a curtain. I think that is going to help A LOT with the noise for little baby. 

am loving my Peter Rabbit hangings so much! We are planning on getting some peter rabbit things from Pottery Barn to tie it all together. Valance, night light, crib skirt, and rug should make the room complete. Of course we need some window coverings as well. It is so bright in there right now.

am uploading 2 pictures of what it looks like so far, so check them out! :)




complain about the aches of pregnancy but I LOVE feeling this baby inside me. Every kick and roll makes me smile.

We met Dr. Campbell on Wednesday and he is great. We got along fine and he had lots of time to spend answering questions. I always felt rushed with my Dr. in Atlanta, so this was really nice. I was also neat how he had on jeans and cowboy boots under his cloak! He will be perfect to deliver Ryder/Tristan. He will be the Dr. to do it. AND another neat thing is that he does 2 more ultrasounds! In 2 weeks we get to see the little baby again. We thought that we had to wait until baby was born, but nope :) The other U/S will be at 35 weeks. Going to be great! I am so very excited. 

I hung up the peter rabbit prints in the nursery. They are so cute! I can't wait to buy the crib so it all looks real. We got a changing table pad and that makes the old sink look much more like a baby station. When we were at Babies R Us, Milton picked out the cutest outfit for a boy to come home in. We did not get it because they have a return policy of 90 days, but we are going to go back and get it for sure once we are in that time frame. They also had a really cute girl outfit that I loved. We are going to buy both and return whichever we don't need.

My poor husband is working on adding a shower to the claw foot bathtub here at the house and it is not going well. He just left to go into Brady once more to buy more stuff to make it work. The old plumbing is really different from today's. I feel bad for him! He is determined to do it. I sure love the man.

Have a great day!


99 days until this little one is due! Double digits make it seem so much more real. I guess this giant basketball stomach does as well.

This is the first week that Milton will be here all week! He has been traveling every week and I am glad he doesn't have to this week. It is going to be hard for me because he is in the next room and I want to go talk to him all the time, lol. All these little things that I remember or learn or see, I just want to share, but he has to work! I am in the kitchen now, as far away as I can be so I don't disturb him. There is no door into the office so it may get harder as time progresses. Must be strong!

We have made plans to go up the Brekenridge, CO for 2 weeks at the end of June. It will be nice to get away to the cool mountains.

turn 30 on July 1st! A big birthday for me this year. I want to do something fun, but when I think about it, everything I think of might not be a good idea. I am going to be huge, so I don't want to spend all day on my feet. I can't ride roller coasters or go to Mexico... hummm what to do?! Ideas?

Kisses to my baby, who is kicking right now. Might be trying to say hi to you all :)


We are pretty much moved into the "condo". I have set up the baby stuff that we have and it is starting to look like a nursery! Minus the crib.... I have 2 that I have picked out but can not decide on which is going to better for the baby. We originally wanted a crib from pottery barn, but it was way much money and we can get other great things for baby if we get a crib half the price. I also started to wash and fold all of the cute baby items that we have gotten. It feels so nice to have drawers and cabinets to put the clean baby things in. We are using an old sink that has all of that on the bottom and a great area for changing the baby on the top. It is huge!

made an appointment with Dr. Campbell in Fredericksburg for next week. I am going to see what he is like. He just started working in FBG and not many people know much about him. He is the only Dr. in our insurance network, which I find strange. All the recommendations from our insurance have been fantastic though, so I bet he will be great.

Milton just left for a regional meeting in.... CANCUN! I am so jealous. We tried to get tickets for me to go also but changing his and adding my flight was going to cost over $1100! My flight alone was $740. So I might go on the next trip :) He comes back on Friday afternoon/evening. I get to spend almost 4 days alone out at the ranch. It is so peaceful out here! Last night was fun, we took an evening drive in the Jeep and had the top off. Well...it started to rain when we were hiking over to look at a view, so we  ran back to the Jeep...for cover? Nope, we just got more wet. It was a fun drive back to the condo, we were pretty far out on the ranch. I got in a nice hot bath and defrosted afterward :)

Little baby is always kicking like crazy. Meme got to see baby kick on Saturday evening. I lifted up my shirt and right when she and Milton looked, baby gave a big ole kick. Perfect timing. When I lay on my back, baby does not like it at all, so it becomes a kick boxing contest in my tummy. I love waking up in the morning and just looking at my tummy.  I am so in love with this baby. I look at my stomach and have my hands on it so much.


It has been a long weekend! We painted the whole house and have cleaned most everything to sparkling. It looks really good! We got our Britax B-ready stroller in and I set it all up last night. It looks it amazing, I can not wait to zoom baby around in it. The car seat should come in a month or so, and it attaches to the stroller. It is one of the safest car seats I could find, and I was obsessive about it! It was fun unloading stuff into the nursery on Sunday. I am now researching cribs. We registered for one on pottery barn but I think we are going to go more practical. There are great cribs for not as much $ that convert into beds down the road.

So much fun knowing where we are going to be living when little baby comes.  I really am getting so excited and so is Milton!

Good night for now


Wow it has been 20 days since I wrote on this. Life has been a little crazy, but we have news! Milton is taking a job in GE and he can remote work, that means we are going to have this baby in TEXAS!!!! Yeeehaw! We plan on taking over the "condo" at the ranch and making it ours for a while. I get to plan a nursery, I am so excited!

We had our ultrasound on the 20th and everything looks good on little baby. The tech even turned on the 3D U/S and gave a picture of the baby. I will post on here.

Once I get the house set up more, I will take more belly bump pictures. It has grown so much in the past few weeks.

I am so excited!! The baby is 23 weeks old today, 17 weeks until we get to meet this little bundle of joy! That doesn't seem like very far away. I am so in love with this baby and with my husband. Our little family <3


Wow it has been a long few weeks. We have moved everything from Atlanta to Fredericksburg, and now we are in the process of moving everything out of our farm since we won't be there when it sells.

Baby is doing good! Feeling tons of kicks and this morning Milton felt a kick for the first time :) He had a huge grin on his face - it was very exciting. The baby is kicking in the morning and evening. Well, that is when I feel it the most.

We are officially married tomorrow! Going to say our vows in front of the library fountain just with a few people. We have been "married" for so long now that it just feels funny to say we are doing it. Just a formality really, have to have that paperwork.

Milton signed the contract to work for Huthwaite in Singapore, so we have to fly out on the 27th. So much to do before then.

My aunts are throwing a last minute baby shower for me and baby on the 17th. I am very excited! Will be nice just to be with my family and friends. Girls only! :)

We have an appointment on April 20th to check up on baby. It will be the second ultrasound Milton has seen and the third I will have seen. I can not wait. 2 more weeks!! Baby is so much bigger now, it is going to be amazing to see him/her.


Holy Stressed OUT! We are packing up our house and trying to finish everything by Tuesday and having a garage sale in the morning. Gosh there is a lot to do. I feel like taking a nap right now too!

Carters is having a 50% off everything sale until Sunday and I just want to buy EVERYTHING! All of it is so cute. This is when I kinda wish I knew what we are having, so I can shop. I think that is one reason Milton doesn't want to find out, because I want to shop.... BUT it is very exciting not knowing what this little baby is :)

Looks like Singapore is where we are going to be headed, but I can't say 100% because we don't have a signed contract yet. What an amazing experience this is going to be!

Baby likes it when Shadow (kitty) sits on my tummy and purrs!


I am done with this quarter of college! I had my last 2 finals today, and it was a breeze. We are packing up our house for the big move right now. We just don't know where that big move is going to be...Singapore or Texas. We do know that we will be in Texas on the 1st of April! Going to the ranch that weekend to celebrate Milton's birthday on the 3rd. He is turning the big 50! Gosh what a year. 

I for sure have been feeling the little baby moving around in there. My stomach is really popping out! I can't feel it from the outside yet, which means Milton can't either :( I can't wait to share this with him. He has been the best man. Cooking, cleaning, letting me rest....I better not get used to this! Tonight he is taking me out to dinner to Canoe, a really nice restaurant, in honor of the end of my finals.

went to a thrift store today to see if I could get some maternity pants. (None of my clothes fit, except my yoga pants). The first one I went to did not have anything for me, but I found 2 outfits for baby! One is kinda girly so Milton says if it is a boy then he can't wear it. lol. The second place I went, I found a pair of Jeans with the huge tummy thing, and they fit perfect - $2.50, can't beat that. I also found one more baby outfit :) I couldn't help it!

Love you baby


We went to our monthly checkup today. The heart rate was good and strong in the 160s. I had to get blood drawn for yet another test. Spinal Biffida testing this time. We will know results next week.

We are moving for sure! We have to be out of our house by April 8th, but it looks like we are going to do it early and be driving to Texas on the 31st. Are we going to live in Texas? Who knows. It could be a few options at this point, but I can't spill the beans yet.

Fun time in North Carolina this past weekend. I finally got to met good friends of Milton's, Dennis and Karine, and we had a great time. They have the best dogs too! We went to a flea market and I found some great bells and a few baby books. Two mother goose books, because I can't remember all the words to the songs! :)

am 17 weeks and 2 days along as of today and I have gained 9 pounds total! That is right on target, maybe a little less then I am supposed to, but I am sure in the next few weeks I will add some.

No cravings really, except I love Arbys! yum curly fries! Just worked out and as a reward....you guessed it....Arbys for lunch!

I have been feeling good, which is super nice! I think I am feeling baby move around, but I can't tell for certain. Every time I feel something I stop and pay super attention. It is so neat!


Feeling good! Baby is 16 weeks old today, happy birthday little one! From this point on I am supposed to be gaining a pound a week. I can not even imagine what that is going to be like. I may have to give in and really buy some maternity clothes.

Our friends Cat and Savannah are coming to ATL this weekend and we are driving up to see S's college, Elon. Milton and I are then heading up to stay with some friends of his in Durham and Cat and Savannah will be checking out the college over the weekend. Going to be fun to get away a little bit.

Next week on the 17th is our next Dr appointment. Going to just do a checkup and listen to the heartbeat. Good to hear, but I want to see the baby again!

thought I might have felt some flutters this morning. I just can't tell if it is baby or not. I can not wait for that day!


Been feeling much better except for the heartburn. They say the baby will have a lot of hair if you have heartburn and I am beginning to wonder. Baby is going to be VERY hairy at this rate! Good some good feedback on what to eat/do last night on facebook. Thanks everyone who posted. :)

Milton said another cute thing last night. I was sitting on the chair and he leaned over me and gave me a kiss. He then said, "I am so glad you are the one having our baby, there is no one else in the world I would rather have as the mother of my child. You are going to be such a fun mom!" What a charmer! I sure love him.

I am planning on taking another baby bump photo today, so keep a look out.  Well I took the photos and I think that I look much bigger then what they are showing! I am 15 weeks and 3 days and when I look down at myself I am huge! It looks like, to other people, that I just ate to much. Boo



Well of course Milton is O blood type! I have to get a shot sometime in late weeks (23-26 I think) so that my body won't think the baby is a virus or something. Dr. said that the first baby rarely has any problems, but if we had another I would need a lot of shots. Looks like one baby for us! :) Just what I always wanted, hehe.

The NT scan came back great! 1 in 10,000 for everything. Looks like a healthy baby, and BB measured 2 days over, so a healthy BIG baby!


We saw the baby move over to the side yesterday!  It was very strange to be able to feel baby on the right side. It was all hard and the left side was soft! Milton got to feel it as well. So fun!

took another baby bump photo today and I can barely zip up the jeans I told myself I would take every baby bump picture in, lol. Baby is growing so much!

My best friend Krystle is pregnant too, woohoo. This is so fun!! :) She is already big and two months behind me so I think she is having twins!!

We rented Fried Green Tomatoes tonight because we happened on the small town it was filmed in. Cute crazy little place called Juliette. I bought an extremely used peter rabbit book at a shop and paid way to much, but it is a neat story!


We had the scan on Tuesday and everything, according to the Dr., was perfect! Very good to know :) Little baby was moving all around, stretching, putting arms up, and rolling over. Very active, it was so great to see.

Today Milton and I went in for the monthly checkup and it turns out I have O- blood type, so they stuck him to see what type he is. Hope for O- also because if he is O   then I have to get a shot at 28 weeks, and I HATE shots. 

The baby's heartbeat was 155! Fast little sucker.

Today I went to motherhood maternity and found a great basic one piece swimsuit. I am going to try it out tomorrow in the pool at the club. They had a great sale going on, and I love sales!

Blood work comes back next week on the scan. I will keep you posted. <3


Our trip to NYC was amazing! I had never been and WOW it is a huge and neat place. We saw so much and had such a good time. Chicago was a great show, and the phil harmonic orchestra with Idina Mendez was beautiful!

We did a little shopping and found the perfect baby book. It is so cute! It is from FAO Schwarz, I have added a few pictures of it. Gender neutral and so precious.

go on Tuesday to do the NT scan. It involves blood work and extensive ultra sound. This tests for down syndrome and trisomy 18 and 13. I am excited to see the baby again, but going to be worried all week until we get positive results back!

Thursday we go for our monthly checkup and we get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I know Milton is really looking forward to this one!

When I asked Milton if he wanted to say anything on here he said "Hi"

Silly man


Been feeling better and better!

We are headed to NYC in the morning for a babymoon. :)

Took another bump picture today and I feel huge, but it doesn't look that big. When I look down at myself I see a huge tummy. I can only imagine what the coming months will bring.

I can't  wait to see you little baby <3



I am so tired of all the food aversions! I just want to be able to eat my normal food. As of right now I am hardly eating because nothing really sounds good. Oh the joys of the first trimester :)

Last night Milton said something really sweet, or so I thought.....

Milton, "I am glad you are pregnant."

Me, with a huge smile, " Thanks honey."

Milton, "and not me...."




We are so excited!

On Friday 1/21/11 we had our first ultrasound and got to see our little bundle of joy, it really was a miracle. Milton is giddy with happiness, in fact, he had the ultra sound on my pillow on Friday when I got home from work, because he knew I was missing it. It is so cute to see him so excited!

I have never felt such love for something. All of you moms out there know what I am talking about! I had no idea this is what it is like.


Ryder Martin Buckelew

Thursday, August 25, 2011
10:16 PM
7 pounds 15.4 ounces
20.5 inches